Finance your new puppy!

Are you dying to buy this cute puppy, but can't pay the full amount at once?

Don't you worry, we have a solution!

Even four solutions!

                  Choice 1 Recommended 
Lending USA
1. Options for low credit score
2. 36 and 60 mos financing
3. Credit score 620+ 6mos % free
4. No prepayment penalties
5. Can roll in any costs into the loan
6. Payments $70 and up 
Choice 3
  • 6 months % free

  • NO payments required 

  • With Credit Score of 600 and up

                              Choice 2


1. The pet can be shipped and the shipping can be included in the price

2.Not financing NY,CA,Nevada

3.Only require a first month payment at the time of pick up/shipping

4.High approval rate for any credit!! 520 

Choice 4
  • must be employed for over 1 year,

  • the pet can be shipped 

  • credit score 620 and above

  • 30 days same as cash

  • low payment cost

  • no early pay off fees

  • NOT for California residents 

  • NOT for self-emloyed