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                            So happy and exited to add to our family the gorgeous mini french bulldog Gypsy-Rose . You could not ask for such a                                      sweet girl.The selection Nataliya has is breathtaking and hard to choose a pup.I am blessed to have my new baby.You                                    can't go wrong with any you choose.Thanks for our little angel.

                            ANONYMOUS XXX


                        We have had our loving Sadie (Mamita) in our house for just over three weeks now and absolutely love her like she has been with us for years. Nataliya was such a pleasure to work with in replacing our beloved Frenchie Matilda (Tilly) whom we lost about two months ago now. I contacted Nataliya after searching for a good reviewed breeder close to us that we could visit and see if we could let our hearts open to a new baby.

            Nataliya was so very kind to let us meet at her home late in the evening after a 3-1/2 hour drive and spent as much time with us as we wanted to before deciding and falling in love with Sadie. We will continue to recommend her to all that we speak with.

            We will surely be contacting Nataliya again when we can add another Frenchie to our home as we have become true lovers of this breed, initially we thought it was just our Tilly that was so very special but we now know that all Frenchie’s are wonderful and we were fortunate to have had one of the best as a part of our family before Sadie.

            We cannot say enough of how fantastic Nataliya is with her babies and how great they have been raised, you can tell at the first moment that she truly loves every one of her babies and you can see in them that she is wonderful to them as they adore her. We will continue to recommend Nataliya at AARN French Bulldogs to anyone and everyone that has the opportunity to meet our loving Sadie as she has become such an integral part of our family that we cannot wait to bring another of the perfect babies from Nataliya into our home.

            I have to admit we have spoiled Sadie more than anyone ever should in these past few weeks as she gets a new toy every time we go out and she even got her own doggie stroller so she can go for walks without getting too tired. She has become the best friend of our little male puppy we got a couple of weeks before her, they are always together, sleeping on the couch or playing with the huge pile of toys in their playhouse.


Charles Sharp

Omg!!! You have the best puppies!! My King Louie has turned into my best friend and the sweetest dog ever!!! I wish I could get him a brother!

Pre Facebook post on 12/06/17



Melody Brown Steeger 



My Aarn frenchie gets compliments everywhere we go. My vet said she's the healthiest, best looking frenchie she's seen in 30 years. You'll never regret getting a pup from Nataliya Safronova! Abby has brought me so much joy

Pre Facebook post on 12/06/17

Hi Nataliya, it's Taylor Smith and Rambo (Misha)! I wanted to email you earlier but it has been very busy this past week since we brought our little bundle home with us. Rambo has adjusted so well and is doing great with potty training, he is definitely very smart and spoiled and so very loved. He has brought so much joy to our lives and really is our perfect puppy. He went to the vet on Monday and took one of his shots like a champ and we go back in a couple more weeks for the rest of his boosters, they absolutely loved him there he got so much attention and my family thinks he's the cutest thing, they have seen him via video chat and pictures and they can't wait to meet him when we visit them later this year. He is such a little snuggle bug and is always at my feet, always has to be into whatever I'm doing and he also loves his daddy very much. We will be teaching him to swim very soon, just waiting on the rainy weather to pass and for it to be nice and sunny again and here is a couple pictures of him sporting his new harness. He is learning his leash manners nicely and after he has all his shots we will be taking him out to fun places and more walks because he loves to explore and is so fun! His personality is amazing and comical, and he makes us laugh all the time, I cannot thank you enough for bringing him into our lives we have waited a long time to find the right furbaby and Rambo (Misha), definitely is it! Also he is starting to learn his name and how to sit, and go to the door when he needs to potty, as I said he definitely is very smart. We will be sharing our new baby on Facebook very soon, I want to make a cool reveal kind of thing because he is our only baby and we are waiting a few more years before having a child so I'm going all out for Rambo. I will also find you so you can see updates on him and more pictures =) Thanks again for everything you have done for us, and Michael has already said that when we want to bring another dog into our home a Frenchie is it so maybe in a few years or so we will be looking at your litters for a sibling for Rambo. Right now though he is getting all the love and attention he can muster until he passes out happy as can be!






I just thought I would contact you & tell you thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to purchase my fur baby. I also wanted to update you on how he is doing. I purchased Stitch through your company last year & he is the highlight of my day, every day. He has become a huge part of our family. He is a happy, kind boy who loves to play and cuddle. I can't wait to get him a brother, I will be going through your company when that time comes. You made it so easy and you really worked with me and my situation. He is my dream dog and I really appreciate all that you did. I'm excited to work with you in the future to give my little guy a friend.

8:46PM  Nina Cefalu






My darling new frenchie gal is named Dixxie-Pearl and  is the most beautiful and amhis name as azing fawn female with a black mask and a blaze.She's not only adorable but exactly like my other frenchie that I adopted from Natalyia/AARN; a beyond perfect pooch but with a loving attitude. You cannot absolutely hands down get a better specimen of absolute total pure class. AARN has the ultimate dream collection. 

 F. Malan

I adopted my beautiful chocolate french bulldog with amazing yellow eyes from AARN and I am so pleased to say he became an immediate family member. He was cared for with love and arrived a happy well balanced pet with a sweet temperament.The choices of frenchies is so good and I will most certainly come back for my next frenchie.




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Thank you Nataliya for our new tri color french bulldog Naya. We adopted her and she is a shiny & beautiful black and tan.She is happy and relaxed and fits in so well.Best colors and fair prices we found .Frenchies are so addictive and great pets.


The Evans Family


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Natasha & Jon

Mobile, AL

"We purchased a beautiful, sweet French bulldog from Nataliya back in October 2015. Our baby is named Piper. She has the best temperament and a gorgeous build. Everyone who sees her wants to hold her or just be near her.

We actually drove from Mobile, AL, to Middleburg, FL, to pick her up and while we were a little nervous because of all the scammers out there, Nataliya put us at ease. We texted back and forth and spoke on the phone numerous times, found her address and she was willing to work with us and let us come when we wanted.

When we arrived it was obvious she was the real deal. The puppies and parents, all of quality blood lines and beautiful breeds, were on site. She had so many and has spared no expense caring for them. She had them in air conditioned buildings/kennels and an elaborate security system for their protection as well. They were all so happy and she and her children pick them up and show them so much love and affection. I would make that trip a million times over to get my sweet baby girl again. I will go to Nataliya for my next dog and will also be willing to speak directly to anyone wishing to purchase from her. She's the best around!!! Thanks again"

Mike Kneuer

CPT, CES, FNS, FAS, Professional Physique Athlete

"I purchased a puppy from you in May. His birthday was 2/26/15 and his name on your website was "Morgan". I just wanted to say hi and that Cashew is his new name and he is doing great. He is so big and strong and a little over 30lbs. He is the sweetest dog and loves to cuddle. He sits on my lap anywhere I take him, he even went on an airplane in my lap and had no problems. I am very happy to have him as part of my family.

I just wanted to let you know that he is greatly loved and taken care of. He only eats grass fed meats, wild fish, and no grains. All of his toys are organic and nothing made in China. He is a happy puppy. I have sent some pictures of him for you."

Sharon Mercer

"Thank you for our beautiful Buster. We love him to pieces and so does everyone that sees him. The vet said his markings, coat and color are exceptional! He is so smart and has a huge personality! Wishing you all a happy holiday season! He is beautiful. Thanks again for being great breeders of Frenchies!"

Danielle Boyett‎

"We purchased our baby Chewbac from this kind breeder. He is the love of our lives and a healthy big boy."

Kylee Bear‎

"This is our Princess Beluga that we bought from AARN French Bulldogs. Beluga is healthy, mellow, playful, & so sweet Natalya is the best! If you're looking for a quality Frenchie buy from Natalya! We love our princess, thank you Natalya!"

Lindsey, David, & Elsa

" I am contacting you on my business email, but I wanted to give you an update on Elsa. Words can’t really explain how thankful we are for you. I would like for you to put this on your website too so people can see what they are actually purchasing when they get a puppy from you. I know bulldogs and especially frenchies can be prone to allergies. I know this is something that can’t be predicted or stopped. When she first started developing skin rashes I switched from regular puppy food, to a grain free puppy food. The allergy just got worse, she began to lose weight, have loose stool, and was getting bald spots all over her body. We began taking her to the vet and would be in and out of the vet for the next couple months with this. We ended up doing a hypo-allergenic dog food the vet gave us ($70 a bag mind you), she began steroids, and antibiotics. Her skin would clear and as soon as she would stop the medicine after her dosage was done it would be right back. I was so very afraid I was going to have to place her up with adoption because I was being buried in vet bills at this point, and I didn’t think it fair to have an owner who could not afford to provide her with the care she needed. I never though in a million years a breeder would care to help us out after owning the puppy already for about 7-8 months. I was so wrong. You truly love and care for every bully that has been in your life. You gave us suggestions , and talked with others. You thought she had a food allergy and got us started on a boiled chicken, and you even sent us an amazing shampoo to help her irritated skin. The fact you took time to do this for us and Elsa means the world to us. She is a healthy happy bully again with no skin issues what so ever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. She is part of our little family, and It wouldn’t be the same without her. To be clear if this does end up on the website and people are thinking about getting a Frenchie GO THRU AARN FRENCH BULLDOGS!! Nataliya spent over a week texting us back and forth seeing that Elsa was getting what she needed. If that doesn’t speak volumes about the type of Frenchie you are purchasing I don’t know what else will! (attached is a picture of our spunky out-going and HEALTHY girl)

Laurie Williams

" I just wanted to let you know that our puppy Frankie has been the most wonderful addition to our family! We had just moved to Florida and we had gone through a horrible time after the loss of two of our three dogs; a boxer and a pug. Frankie was just what we needed! She brought a ray of sunshine into our lives. After we decided on a French bulldog, I found Nataliya's website and we went forward from there. She was accommodating, helpful, approachable, and was there to answer any and all questions; just a pleasure to work with! You can tell that she truly cares about her puppies. Frankie is just a beautiful dog. People stop me all the time to comment on how pretty and friendly she is. I have given quite a few people the website because they want to know where we found such an adorable dog. Since we've had Frankie we lost another boxer so now we're ready to get Frankie a friend. We will definitely be getting another puppy from Nataliya. Her dogs are healthy, well cared for, and loved. Thank you, Nataliya, and we look forward to working with you again!"

Critia Hill

Executive Assistant

"My family and I would like to thank you for raising such a perfect puppy. She has been such a wonderful addition to the HILL family. You can definitely tell the Love you have for these babies compared to other breeders. not only is she so sweet but to be only 10 weeks old so so smart. easiest pup I have ever had to potty train, Her name is now Hurley Hill and we are just so in Love Thank you for the perfect pet
Ill send pic in just a bit. I took them with my camera so need to upload "

Noelle White

"In looking to add another addition to our family, we were looking for another dog. We have an 8 year old Boston terrier and an 11 year old cat and a son who's 15. Anyway, we we've really wanted a French bulldog for a long time, but boy we were having a heck of a time finding one. So my husband and I decided to check out the local shelters, thinking maybe we could find a smaller dog that would fit in, but it was a no go. So we talked about maybe getting another Boston terrier, because our Shorty girl is the best dog ever!!! Anyway, I looked up local breeders for bostons and found one fairly close, but we still weren't sure. So then, it dawned on me to look up local breeders for frenchies, and low and behold, we found Nataliya and her beautiful dogs!!! From the very first phone call for info, to still updating her every other week or so on how our new little Nugget is doing, she has been phenomenal!!' Any questions we've had, she's walked us thru it all! She welcomed us into her home to pick out our new addition, and has been nothing but friendly, helpful and professional thru it all!! Thank you so much for helping us add to the family!!! We love her, as well as Shorty as you can see from some of the pics I sent!!! Thanks again!!!


"We purchased our blue French bulldog from Natalya and have had her in the family for about three months now. We have had quite a few dogs and my wife and four children agree that this is the best dog we have ever had. He found Natalya after a Google search and from the first conversation we were pleased and impressed. Natalya was straightforward and pleasant to deal with by phone. Everything she told us ahead of time turned out to be true. She clearly knows these dogs well and loves them very much. Dealings with her were fair. She was very knowledgeable and clear about the breed and our dog in particular. Everything she told us was right on the money. Soon will we will be in the market for a second Frenchy and it is obvious where we will go for our next pup. I can recommend purchasing a French bulldog from Natalya without reservation. "

Stephanie Chaney

"This is Stephanie Chaney and I purchased/adopted a frenchie from you in June of 2014. His birthday is 4/21/2014. His name is Sebastian and I just want to write and thank you for him. He is the cutest little thing and has so much personality. He enjoys the beach, his toys and just being outside in general. He is so friendly to everyone and everything and he bring so much joy to mine and my families life. He is very healthy and has grown into such a handsome young dog. I attached a picture of him at the beach, on his leash because he was chasing the birds, but I just thought I'd let you know how it is going!! I love him very much and thank you for kind process and ease of transaction and of course the amazing puppy!! "

Olga Theiss

Atlanta, GA

"Dior is love at first look! French Bulldog is unbelievable, unearthly child! We love Dior so much!
Huge thanks to Natasha!
She is amazing person with big heart and kind soul!
She loves every her puppies like her babies, her puppies is very healthy and happy.
The puppies are raised in their home and great with kids!
I recommend this puppies for anyone wanted a French Bulldog!
I was looking puppy and I saw first hand how these puppies are care for!
I got amazing puppy!
Thanks a LOT!!!"

Lindsey & David

"I thought I would update you on how (amore) now known as Elsa is doing. She is adapting really well and has the best personality. She loves to play with her older sister zoey who is a puggle. She took her shots like a champ last week, and is looking really healthy. The vets all loved her, and she gets loads of attention everywhere she goes. I can’t thank you enough. I am so happy I found your website, and I can’t thank you enough for how easy the whole process was to accomplish. I have never had a puppy shipped to me and I was extremely nervous, but you were such a big help! She’s perfect in every way. She loves to sleep, snuggle, chase the cat, play with her sister, and chew on her ducky squeaky toy! Again thank you!!! I am sending a couple pictures. Have a wonderful day!"

Carol, Scott and Nicole Embry

"Good morning, Nataliya. My husband, Scott Embry, and our daughter, Nicole, met you last June when they picked up Jax to bring him home. You may recall that we had just lost Moose, our French Bulldog, who was only 6 years old. We knew he had a heart murmur and respiratory problems (probably not helped by the Florida heat and humidity), but his condition had evidently gotten worse since we moved here. Needless to say, he left a huge hole in our hearts. I am happy to report that Jax has filled that hole! From the first day at our house, he acted as if he had been here his whole life. No crying or separation anxiety at all from leaving his siblings. He migrated to all of Moose's bedding and toys, just as if he knew there had been another Frenchie in the house. Dana, our Boston Terrier, even accepted him better than I thought she would (she is 11 and not as playful as she used to be). Jax is a very good natured dog who hates to be scolded! He actually pouts when we have to correct his behavior! We are amazed, though, at how quiet he is. Moose, because of his respiratory problems, was a very loud breather and snored a lot. I keep waiting to hear Jax but seldom do - he can even sneak up on me! He loves the outdoors, is very playful, and (like Moose) lives for food! We have nicknamed him "Hoover" because everything goes in his mouth, and he always brings in something from the yard. I have been meaning to send you this email for quite some time to let you know he was neutered in November (6 months old). I am attaching the receipt for your records. Jax is a well-adjusted dog, is in excellent health, and getting him has been the best thing we have done! I am so glad Scott found you! I am also attaching a couple of pictures so you can see how well he has grown. Hope you are doing well!

Robert and Robin Adams

"My wife and I wanted to write in to tell you how happy we were to have found you. Your patience with all of our emails, phone calls, and extended time at your home while meeting our new furry daughter were just some of the reasons that we chose AARN over several other breeders. We knew right away that she was well cared for, well-socialized with small children and other animals, and displayed a very entertaining personality. Being able to see her father was a very nice bonus. You took your time with us to explain how best to care for her - feeding, health-wise, discipline-wise, etc. We did our research over about 6-months time, and felt that we were very well learned with the breed, yet we left your home being even more educated and informed. Thank you very much for our little Ruby, better known as "Rotten" Ruby. She is already very much a part of our family."

Emily Madore

"Here are some updated pictures of Duke-cants thank you enough! He is amazing!"


"Hi Nataliya, just wanted to let you know what me and Miss Bella are up to today, she got spayed so I am sure she is not 100% happy with me right now. The vet said she has a perfect build. Said that she doesn't see many frenchies in this area with such a beautiful build like hers!"


"Stella is doing wonderful. She is so sweet and loving. We love her very much!"

Jerry Leach and Justin Gillis

"Thank you so much for Blanche. Everything is great Bella loves her new sister. Other than getting the bed too small were all great here.!"

Scott and Vanessa Palmer

Proud owners of Deuce Palmer

"After loosing our sweet Annabelle after only 8 years, we wondered if we could ever love like that again! Long nights of research led us to our conclusion that a French bulldog would be the perfect fit for our family. What we didn't know, was how perfect he actually would be for us. From the initial steps of contacting AARN bulldogs to the last step of driving off with our newest family member, the whole process just felt "right". Deuce is the sweetest dog we have ever known, is extremely well mannered, excellent with children, and already almost potty trained! He is also the cutest thing ever if I may say so myself! ;) We HIGHLY recommend Nataliya and her company AARN bulldogs to anyone in search of their next perfect dog!

Kasi and Tommy Lee

"We picked our little frenchie up last October. We had been searching for a frenchie for a year when a mutual friend told us were they had just got their frenchie. Now both frenchies have play dates all the time and are the sweetest dogs in the entire world! Nataliya mentioned to us that she was a mini and would get to be 17 pounds or smaller. That was exactly what we wanted! She has been amazing. She will be 8 months tomorrow and she is fully trained. She is about 11 pounds and the vet does not think she will be much bigger. Although she is tiny, she sure thinks she is 50 pounds! She is amazing, everywhere we go someone asks us where we got her. People constantly ask for Nataliyas website and we give it to them! The best part about her is that Nataliya was calling her precious before we took her home and now, although her name is Emi-Lou, for some reason EVERYONE calls her precious. Nataliya- we can not thank you enough! Emi is amazing, we could not have asked for a better puppy!"

Joe Nolte

"When people decide to adopt a dog, the goal is that the dog will become part of the family. Searching for the right breeder is essential. We were searching to extend our 3 dog family with a fourth. With the passing of our beloved Pug named Coal, we were looking to fill this painful void. We have always love French bulldogs, and found our way to Nataliya’s website:\ This is where our collective hearts melted, we were in love with a little white with black spotted French bull dog names Sergey. Have spent a small fortune on trying to save our pugs life, our budge for a new addition to the family would be tight. Nataliya was very pleasant and understanding and help us make our dream come true. After much communication both via the telephone and text, we agreed on a date and time to pick up out bundle of joy. It was just a horrible night with fidget temperatures and pouring rain. When we finally made to Nataliya’s home, we were just bubbling with anticipation. We knocked and heard the most adorable little voice asking “who is there” Not knowing if we should answer to the small child we stood there with big grins on our faces. The door knob turns as our pulse quickened ; we ask ourselves are we ready for another dog? As the door opened our eyes were gazing on the most wonderful sight. A very small baby Frenchie! Call it puppy love, or love at first sight, we were hooked. Overcome with emotions we needed to choke back tears of absolute joy. Couldn’t wait to hold our new little boy in our arms, but we had to just admire Nataliya and her adorable family, a very loving home. It is one thing to raise dogs to sell, but you can tell these dogs mean so much more to her. Her professionalism is something I personally greatly admired. She took her time explain every possible detail. I said to her, you know we have three dogs already and know many of the things she was telling me. Without skipping a beat she so graciously replied, “These are my babies and I want to make sure they will be ok.” What a Pro, could have been a better answer. Before we even met her, she asked us to tell her about ourselves. This shows us that she is just a lovely person who deeply cares about her dogs. If we ever have the chance to adopt another baby Frenchie, we know exactly where to go. She has been such a great resource for us, promptly replying to questions that we text her. Saint Francis of Assisi, may be the patron saint of animals, we will always consider Nataliya the Saint of Frenchies."


"I recommend this breeder for anyone wanting a French Bulldog! I was looking for one for my daughter & came home with brother & sister! I visited the breeder & saw first hand how these puppies are cared for! The puppies are raised in their home & great with small children. This breeder raises them like anyone would care for their child. They are so adorable, loving, playful , & smart. At 12 weeks they already are potty trained & sit on command! I'm so happy to have met them & will recommend them above any other breeder. "

Sonji Martin

"Our baby, Xena is such a joy to our family. She just turned one year old in December and has brought a lot of laughter to us. I found your website on the Internet and was skeptical at first about buying a dog on the Internet; however, you changed my mind. You were so kind and I appreciated the fact that you cared so deeply about your puppies like they are part of your family. Everyone stops Xena and me and asks about you, the breeder. Xena has a fan club in the neighborhood; she has 5 children that knock on our door just to play and see Xena. It’s funny since a few of the children have their own dogs of their own at home. I recommend you every chance I can and provide your website so they can look at your beautiful puppies. 
Xena has such a sweet disposition and personality. As an update she recently passed the Good Canine Citizen (GCC) test and International Therapy Dog certification. I sent a picture of her graduation. Since her certification, she is now currently working with children and military wounded warriors at the hospitals now. She just lightens up their day and helps toward their recovery. People laugh at her antics and smile every time they see her at the hospitals. I want to thank you for our little girl and all the fun we have with her. "

The Zullo's

"Before we got our sweet Mona our children and I begged my husband for a dog for 5 years. When I say begged that includes many tantrums and meltdowns including some from mommy. She fits right in like she was never 'not here'. She is everything and more than I could ever have dreamed of in a dog, so much that even my husband has grown to love her. We will forever be thankful for you and your family! 

The DeLoof Family

Pensacola FL

"We'd just like to say Thank You, from our family to yours for allowing us the opportunity to finally have a Frenchie. We searched, what seems like forever, for the right breeder and puppy. Chaylynn has been a true blessing to our family. She is spoiled rotten and has us all wrapped around her little paw ;) She is doing wonderful and growing so much! If you are looking for a breeder, I highly recommend AARN. They were so friendly through the whole process and I had many questions. Knowing their puppies are raised with love and care was a deal sealer for us. We drove from Pensacola to Jax. . Thank you for giving us what we had always wanted !! "

Melenie and Michael Blatteis

"Long time no chat! Writing to say that all is well with Mickey; it's so hard to believe that we have had him for almost a year now. We love him very much and he has grown into such a beautiful guy!
We are touching base to see if you may be able to help us with our next trip from Alabama to Canada. Mickey flew a couple of times when he was younger and was able to go in cabin with us, and he has made the long drive several times too. We are planning to go to Canada in January for 5 months. Now that Mickey is a year old, he weighs about 29lbs and is just too large for his carrier to fly in cabin. There are not many airlines that will fly a Frenchie in cargo, and honestly I am afraid of putting him through that. 
I know that you have a lot of experience in shipping these guys all over. Do you know of any charter companies or alternative options for helping us get Mickey to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada? It could be anytime between now and January 12th.
Hope all is well with you, your family and beautiful dogs! Thank you for any advice"

Melody Brown Steeger

"My beautiful daughter, our 14 year old lab Brandy, and our wonderful, adorable, smart, full of personality Aarn Frenchbulldog puppy Abby. She's worth her weight in gold. Nataliya at AARN bulldogs made this a wonderful experience for our whole family. We would recommend her to anyone. If you have questions about our experience feel free to contact me here on Facebook. We love you AARN frenchies!! We will continue to send you updates and photos as she grows. "

Ruth Klenke

"My husband and I were looking for another frenchie to welcome into our home. After doing a lot of research, I found AARN French on Facebook. We became instant friends. I explained the type of puppy we were looking for (brindle male) and Nataliya got back to me and said she had one that would be ready to send to me in month. Immediately she sent pictures and we fell in love with this puppy. I'm from New Jersey and was worried about the shipping. As luck would have it, her husband was able to fly our frenchie to New Jersey. Her husband waited in the airport with the puppy for 9 hours due to thunderstorms. They were finally able to change the flight. Wilson took such great care of the puppy while waiting in the airport for those 9 hours. The next day, at the airport, I met our frenchie and her husband. This experience showed me what wonderful people I bought my frenchie from. The puppy was taken such great care of by both Nataliya and Wilson. We all stayed in close contact through all of this. I have to say, it was one of the best experiences of my life. The puppy,Vlad, is doing amazing. He is such a great addition to our family. That being said, both Nataliya and Wilson have also become a part of our family. I can't thank them enough for taking such great care of Vlad and for their help. If you are looking for a great quality frenchie, from great and loving people, don't look any further. You have found them!!"



"I actually contacted AARN about future litters. Nataliya got back to me the following day and let me know that they had puppies that were ready to go home that weekend. I was looking for a fawn female. Nataliya and I talked for quite awhile and while I'm familiar with the breed she was so knowledgeable and obviously had so much love for her dogs. She asked me to take a look at a male fawn after discussing the difference between the sexes. She sent me a video and several photos. That was all it took. :) I just fell in love and immediately put down my deposit. I'm disabled and traveling can be challenging for me. However, Nataliya was so kind she met us half way with our boy, that weekend. (A service you pay for, understandably, but something most breeders won't do.) I'm so grateful that she took the time to really talk to me. After picking up my boy we have talked several times since. I have no desire to do business with someone that just breeds their dogs to make money. It was very apparent that she doesn't just sell her dogs, she tries to makes sure they are going to the right home. Muteki (Japanese for fearless) has the perfect personality for our family. She encouraged me to keep in touch and let her know how he is doing so expect to see lots more pictures of us on her site. Throughout this entire experience she has answered every question and done everything she can to help us. We couldn't pay in full at the time of pick up and Nataliya was ably to extand a payment options, so that we could take our baby home. AARN are the only breeders that I will recommend. Thank you Nataliya and your family! We couldn't be happier with our boy!"

DJ and Chuck

"We absolutely love Sophie, and so do Katie and Cooper! She is so smart and just a little sweetheart! We had friends from out of town visit us a couple weeks ago, and I had to check their bags upon leaving….to make sure they had not stashed her away to take her home with them! LOL!! Their exact words at how our love for her shows ……”Sophie won the Lottery when she got us for “parents!” J
We had a wonderful experience in our purchase of Sophie from you. It was so apparent that she came from a very clean, loving home, was well cared for and in good health; factors which were very important to us in selecting a new addition to our “family” of canine kids. You answered all of our questions, and even some we had not thought of. The very fact that you follow up on the pets you have adopted out, speaks volumes to us that you truly love them and care about their welfare, not only while under your care, but also when they go to their new home. Providing a little goodie bag with starter food, care & feeding instructions, and even a little chew toy, was very sweet and much appreciated! Oh, and giving us that extra towel, with her siblings smell on it….was very comforting to her that first night!! I honestly can’t say enough good things, Nataliya, about how pleasurable and comfortable our experience was. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! And the offer still stands…..if you are ever over this way, give me a ring and you can come by and visit her!"

Judy T.

"Here's our little Naughty. As you can see she is growing quite nicely and ornery as most bullies. We dearly love her. These were taken in the last two weeks. She is a chow hound and goes potty outside most of the time. She sleeps with my son, right now. but takes her naps with me in the afternoon. She has the run of the house, and can now jump up on the couches, thank goodness they are leather. Because I have to clean them weekly. Her Favorite place is under foot in the kitchen while I'm cooking. Thank you again for such a wonderful little puppy, we all deadly love her! "

Lori Barile and Marissa Barile

"I wanted to say thank you for my wonderful puppy. She has been such a wonderful
Gift to us. She has filled our hearts with happiness and love. Also thank you for all the
Help And support you have given me with all the great info on puppies ! You have been terrific!!!!! She is a doll so smart and what a clown!!!! She is the prettiest one in the area. Honestly. I have seen acouple at stores. 
Thank you!"

Edwin O

"Hi,I hope that everything is going well. I am just writing to let you know that Petunia is doing just fine! She has already finished her medication and has gained 1 pound. So now she's 6.0lb. I know this has been an emotional roller coaster for all of us, but I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you.Thank you because you have no idea how happy Petunia has made my dad. Your puppies are truly beautiful and unique and I couldn't be happier to have done business with you. From now on I am sending anyone interested on French bulldogs your way. Btw say Hi to your husband and tell him that it was nice meeting him too. Thanks again and I'll keep you posted!

Troy and Lindsay Markham

Lake City, FL

"Thank you so much for the pleasant experience in purchasing Jolee and Dax; from the onset of the purchase we knew just what we were getting and could not have asked for a better experience. We knew the night that we purchased Jolee that we were doing the right thing in waiting for Dax. Upon each of their first visits to our veterinarian, Jolee and Dax both received nothing but praise and aw; our vet said that they could not be anymore perfect! Your kindness, professionalism, knowledge, and love of your puppies definitely shows as an end result in their health and each of their personalities. Jolee and Dax are so sweet, funny, and energetic; they are exactly what we were looking for and they have both added so much joy to our lives. We also appreciate the way you have continued to follow up on Jolee and Dax from time to time; it definitely shows your heart felt concern for their long term well being. We will be sure to keep in touch and also to keep you updated as they grow. Thanks again for your helping hand in growing our family with these two wonderful additions, Natalia; they are the best babies ever!"


"This is Dash, my pride and joy! He goes to work with me everyday and brings a smile to everyone he meets. I drove all way from Chattanooga TN to pick him up after seeing him on the Internet. I had looked for about 8 weeks for a frenchie and when I saw him I knew he was the one. Dash is so handsome and happy. He already knows all basic commands, sit, down, stay and come. It was very easy to teach him because he will do ANYTHING for a treat! I had a great experience with his purchase from Natalia. Just talking to her on the phone, I knew her puppies were loved and healthy. Everyone tells me he's the prettiest french bulldog they've ever seen. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a happy, healthy frenchie. Thank you so much for my baby!! "

Dawn Haas and Family

"I can not tell you enough of how much we love,adore and appreciate this little baby! Abby adores her! You were so patient understanding and helpful! I would recommend every one to you for a Frenchie! She is perfect, healthy oh Sooo smart and not to mention (just look at her face)! Gorgeous! You were very knowledgable, showed great care and love for your babies and all around a joy to purchase Mollie from. From delivering her to me with extra puppy options just incase another baby chose me :) to all of her health info, care instructions paperwork adorable gift bag complete with starter food her favorite flamingo chew toy! To letting me purchase her kennel for safe transport and most importantly being able to contact you anytime with questions or updates you are an amazing breeder I only hope soon enough I will be back to purchase Mollie May a Frenchie playmate! If any one out there is searching for their Frenchie puppy this is the breeder to choose! Feel free to tell anyone considering one of your puppies to contact me!
Thanks again"

Jonathan and Trudy

"We are having a great time with our new puppy, Buddy. He is delightful, healthy, and easy to love. Everyone who sees him adores him! Nataliya has been very helpful and supportive. She answers our questions quickly and with great care. We are very glad we found Buddy on her website! We looked for a French Bulldog for a long time and we think we got the best one!"

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